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Eucerin® reactivated lapsed customers

A CMX™ strategic audience solution targeted high-value brand and category purchasers and those that had lapsed in the previous 12 months.

A woman applying facial lotion.


Someone read a facebook mobile ad on a smartphone.

Introduce new products and elevate sales

Eucerin wanted to feature its skin care products during dry skin season, when consumers were looking for solutions at CVS®.

Solution: a custom campaign informed by ExtraCare® data

Consumers were served contextually relevant ads while actively shopping for skin care products on®.

Custom Landing Page
A custom landing page featured multiple Eucerin products, allowing customers to explore the range of skin care solutions to find the best product for their needs.

Highly relevant ExtraCare members engaged with the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

A person drinking coffee, reading a landing page ad.


A dynamic campaign that exceeded the standard CMX™ benchmarks in social media engagement and in reactivating consumers.

  • 4.6%
    incremental sales lift

    The quality and depth of ExtraCare member insights allowed for granular targeting of the right customers to achieve Eucerin's objectives.

  • 1.6X
    higher customer reactivation

    The campaign reactivated more customers compared to those with similar strategies.

  • 60%
    higher click-through rate

    Social delivered significantly higher CTR compared to the standard CMX social benchmarks.


Custom campaign drove sales by reengaging customers

Precision targeting and a multi-channel approach with CMX ensured that Eucerin remained relevant wherever the consumer was in their shopping journey.

Eucerin logo in blue and red.

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