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We bring brands and loyal customers together 

CVS Pharmacy® is deeply ingrained in our customers' daily routines. Through CVS Media Exchange™ (CMX), our data-driven, technology-powered media network, we empower brands to forge meaningful and lucrative connections with our customer base. 

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Working with CMX

Unlock the power of partnership

We begin our collaboration with partners from the outset, jointly setting and working toward goals and objectives for a successful outcome. 

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We decode the data  

We collaborate with you to unlock the full potential of our one-of-a-kind health and wellness dataset, empowering you to achieve your strategic objectives.*

*as permitted by law

We unlock potential  

Once we determine your objectives, we help you identify the best suited audiences and their preferred ways of engaging with your brand. 

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We never stop

We work with you to continuously optimize your campaigns to keep them relevant and profitable. 


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Reach our health and wellness seekers for proven results 

Access our devoted health and wellness community — a key factor for your brand's growth. Explore our custom solutions for maximum impact.

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Your brand. Our creative experts.

Partner with CMX and you can access Heart Haus, our award-winning in-house team of creatives. From end-to-end to tactical support, we collaborate with you to deliver the perfect creative for any campaign.  

Amplify your growth with CMX

Frequently asked questions 

CMX (CVS Media Exchange®) is a data-led, technology-driven retail media network that enables partners to reach CVS Pharmacy® customers and loyal ExtraCare® customers through a variety of digital platforms, including social channels, programmatic display and on®. 

CMX is the retail media network of CVS Pharmacy. 

CMX can help you drive your brand’s growth by leveraging our loyalty data, strong targeting and measurement capabilities.  

It’s a retailer's advertising platform that enables brands to reach specific audiences by using the retailer's first-party shopper data to promote their products on the retailer's owned channels (website, mobile apps and physical stores) and offsite (social platforms and web). 

Retail media enables brands to directly connect with their target audiences while they shop, increasing the likelihood of conversion. It offers valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing for more effective and data-driven advertising strategies.  

Retail media networks operate by leveraging the shopper data collected by retailers to offer brands targeted advertising. They allow brands to display ads, promotions and sponsored content that reach their desired audiences throughout their entire shopping journey, driving sales and increasing brand visibility. 

Retail media networks offer benefits such as highly targeted advertising, increased brand exposure at the point of purchase and valuable insights into consumer behavior. They enable brands to reach shoppers with relevant content, drive conversions and optimize marketing efforts based on real-time data. 

CMX allows advertisers to target ads across channels informed by decade’s worth of front-store ExtraCare® purchase history data combined with digital engagements on and off of CVS® properties. 

You can partner with CMX to advertise through CVS Pharmacy® by contacting one of our team members through our contact form