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Get up close and personal with our one-of-a-kind audience

The trust we’ve built with our customers means that we have one of the most extensive loyalty program data sets in the industry. We’ll work with your brand to use the power of data to reach customers in a personalized way.

A woman in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

ExtraCare®: embedded in their everyday 

25 years

of equity. ExtraCare is consistently ranked as customers’ favorite loyalty program.

A man shopping in the juice/dairy section of the market.


Average number of categories purchased by ExtraCare members in 2022. 


CVS Pharmacy sales are made by ExtraCare members. 


CVS Pharmacy® online sales are made by ExtraCare members.


Turn our deep insights into your bespoke audiences

  • 82%
    purchase general merchandise and consumables 

    CVS Pharmacy is their go-to retailer for everyday items. Tap into our broadest customer base — primed for tailored audiences.

  • 77%
    purchase beauty or personal care categories 

    57M+ of our ExtraCare shoppers are beauty and personal care enthusiasts, presenting a golden opportunity for your brand to forge data-backed connections.

  • 80%
    purchase consumer health care categories   

    Our deep pool of data uniquely positions us to comprehend the shopping patterns of health and wellness consumers. We’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you. 

Find them. Reach them. Delight them.  

People using technology (i.e. smartphones or computers) to help with their purchase or shopping decisions.

Partner with CMX™ to identify the best audience mix to reach your desired customer. We’ll work with you to create bespoke audiences to support everything from product launches to growing incremental sales. 

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