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Deliver hyper-relevant campaigns with flexibility and control

CMX™ now offers your brand direct control over campaigns with CMX Programmatic Self-Service* — powered by the fastest growing demand-side platform, The Trade Desk.

Advertiser participation is by invitation only through 2024.
As permitted by law.
Not a guarantee of campaign performance.

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Effectively reach shoppers along their path to purchase with:

Easy campaign activation
Manage campaigns through your existing DSP seat at The Trade Desk, where you can access premium inventory across Display and CTV.

Price transparency
Effectively optimize ad dollars with access to auction-based bidding and transparency into audience and measurement costs.

In-platform measurement
Understand performance from exposure to attributed in-store and online sales.

Our data brings your campaign precision at scale

74M+ ExtraCare Members®
Enhance targeting with select deterministic category and subcategory audiences**

Consumer Health Care Shoppers**

General Merchandise & Consumables shoppers**

Beauty & Personal Care shoppers**

**CVS Internal Data 2023

Close-up of someone holding a bottle of mouthwash and using their phone.

Get in touch to find out more about the programmatic self-service closed beta.

Once we have determined eligibility for access, a CMX team member will reach out with next steps.