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Tentpole campaign drove category sales

CMX™ integrated with the CVS Pharmacy® marketing channels for a cohesive approach around January Wellness that drove sales for an entire category.

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With health and wellness top of mind at the beginning of the new year, the January Wellness campaign showcased vitamin and supplement brands that helped inspire CVS® shoppers building their routine.

Solution: integrating CMX and CVS Pharmacy efforts

Omnichannel Approach
CMX delivered millions of impressions by combining efforts with CVS front store to leverage both CMX onsite, offsite and social channels and the CVS Front Store channels.

Dynamic Creative Optimization
CMX executed DCO that enabled brands to showcase promotional offers alongside relevant seasonal messaging across onsite, offsite and social channels.


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Participating brands expanded their reach resulting in a 4.7% incremental sales lift for the category.  

  • 4.7%
    incremental category sales lift

    Multi-brand tentpole campaign focused on overall personal wellness resulted in a significant sales lift.

  • 800M+

    CMX and CVS Pharmacy combined wellness campaign efforts maximized audience reach.

  • 3x

    Return on ad spend was 3x more than the average health care campaign.


CVS Tentpole partnership drives category sales

The integrated approach of January Wellness with CVS Pharmacy front store efforts combined with CMX media tapped into a seasonal theme that drove sales for an entire category.

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